Tuesday 1 October 2013

Road - Driving Choice

Volkswagen hosted a driving day yesterday in northern Englandshire to give those motoring journalists, who hadn't yet had the chance, a shot at the new Golf range. Everything was there from 1.4s and diesels to the GTI.

As for the GTI, it doesn't need a full driving appraisal with handling and power critiques, discussing torque and turn-in, or damper settings and Bluetooth functionality.

All you need to know is, buy it, drive it, enjoy it. Job done. It really is that deliciously good. But which vehicle would I choose to drive the 200 miles home? Oddly enough, not the GTI. Much as I liked it I think I could be awfy tempted to lose my licence. There's just too many cameras around these days to truly relax on the roads and enjoy such sumptuous and smooth performance, whereas from the vantage point in the front of the Transit it gives you a fighting to chance to spot the bogeys.

Or is this just another sign of advancing years?

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