Friday 11 October 2013

Rally - Duffy leads

Calum Duffy leads John MacCrone by 15 seconds after the first two stages but neither seems concerned, both settling in before deciding how hard to push next. Already the pursuit is more than half a minute behind.

Calum said: "I was a bit erratic in SS1, but better in 2. The front tyres are fine but we were expecting to have to throw rears at it if the weather stayed dry, and it looks as though we were right, the rears were going off towards the end of that last one."

John said: "I'm, pretty happy. The set up is not quite right, it's twitchy on the fast stuff and crashing out over the yumps but it's not bad a for guess. The power is good, it's off the scale compared to anything I've driven before."

Peter Taylor is third, but had a wee problem at the start of the 2nd stage: "I stalled it four times off the line. There seems to be a glitch in he Launch Control, or I just can't get it off the line."

Overhead in the clear skies a natural fireworks display of stars are twinkling over the stars of cars and tar down below. The roads are dry-ish, as dew near the coast is starting to coat the surfaces. Perfect rallying weather.

Provisional Leaderboard  after SS2 (of 19)
1, C Duffy, 22m 38s
2, J MacCrone, 22m 53s
3, P Taylor, 23m 29s
4, E O'Donnell, 24m 06s
5, D Harper, 24m 26s
6, T Pye, 24m 33s
7, I MacKenzie, 24m 34s
8, L Gallagher, 24m 46s
9, T Bardy, 24m 48s
10, A Gardiner, 24m 50s

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