Sunday 6 October 2013

Rally - Best wishes Euan

Give 'em hell Euan, from all of us.
Before all the munchkins and numpties start concocting their own conspiracy theories  about Euan Thorburn’s non-appearance at the finish of yesterday's Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally, here’s a couple of things to bear in mind.

David and Euan are pretty good mates off-track, although they are naturally fierce rivals on-track.

With all hopes of the Scottish title now gone, Euan is still in with a shout of the BTRDA title. So the reason he didn’t drive back the 25 miles from the last stage to Aberfeldy was that the Focus had a gearbox problem and he didn’t want to make it any worse - or more expensive to fix!

On that basis to hear some folk last night talking about ‘prams’ and ‘toys’ is downright insulting, demeaning and unfair to both drivers.

At the rally finish last night, and amidst his own team’s celebrations, David paused to have a word. “Of course I’m delighted to have won the rally and won the title. And I’m glad to have done it now and not had the pressure of going into the final round with it all to play for. It means I can relax and enjoy my ‘home’ event. But I do wish Euan all the best for the BTRDA.”

That was a genuinely expressed and sincere wish, and one we should all share. The final round of the BTRDA series is the Cambrian Rally in two weeks’ time on the 19th of October.

Go to it Euan, give ‘em hell in Wales.

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