Monday 21 October 2013

Rally - Bad weekend

Disappointing day for the Scots in Poole at Rallye Sunseeker. We wuz gubbed. John MacCrone and Phil Pugh were 7th overall while Ruary MacLeod and Calvin Cooledge parked their Fiesta R2 in a ditch on the fifth test.

Gareth White and Keegan Rees were 5th in the NGK Challenge with Ross Hunter and Josh Davidson 7th and Steven Smith and Daniel Johnstone were 8th.

We didn’t do so well at Otterburn yesterday either. John Paterson was tenth, Ian Watson 11th and Jim Sharp 12th. Billy Cowe smacked a gatepost and Ross Fernie parked it in an English version of a Venice car park – in the waatter, having slid off down a gully into the river.

At least we got something out of the BTRDA series. Cheer up though, Galloway Hills this weekend with something ‘special’ to see in Jock’s back yard. Only trouble is it’s a Sunday event. Cue for a song? – ‘I don’t like Sundays’? Oh, please yourselves.

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