Thursday 10 October 2013

Rally - Ahoy Mull

If you're a rally fan and you've never been to Mull, then you have to put it on your bucket list. At least once.

If October is Motorsport Month then that letter 'M' has multifarious meanings from the McRae rally to the Mull Rally, but there's more. Tonight and on Sunday night there is the Mishnish, MacDonald and MacGochan's.

Then there's the roads. Miles of magnificent meandering tarmac with a few added extras, off-camber corners, tight hairpins, gravity defying jumps and there's even a few scary bits. If you want to give  your adrenaline pump a defibrilator type start, this is the place.

Tonight, the Forum and the Teacake eating contest gets things off to a flying start. All day tomorrow, scrutineering will take place in the Tobermory Distillery yard before motorised mayhem descends on the dark Mull roads at night.

Night rallies are always a wee bit special. What you miss seeing in tamac gripping, wheel spinning detail you see in great swathes of light arcing across the sky from multi million candlepower head and spot lamps. Then there's the glow of white hot brake discs through the wheel spokes - and the noise. Against the dramatic backdrop of this sainted isle, the mechanical cacophany echoes through the glens and off the dry stane dykes.

I defy any hackles not to rise at the sight and sound of a Mark II or a flat four at full chat.

Oh, and one more thing, it's not raining  -  at the moment!

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