Wednesday 31 December 2014

2014 Quiz of the Year

Intended purely as a bit of fun with no insult or malice intended, the Jaggy Bunnet ‘Pictorial Quiz of the Year’ has been published in the on-line rally mag. There are no prizes cos naebuddy will get all the answers. If anyone does get all the answers, then you need to seek medical and psychological help – quickly. If you’re really stumped, then clues can be bought, otherwise the answers will be published next year!

Monday 29 December 2014

Rally - Knockhill Stages

Ross Marshall by Eddie Kelly
Full entry list for Sunday's Grant Construction Knockhill Stages in the online mag now. Ticket price is 6 quid per adult if you book online and 8 quid at the gate on the day.

Sunday 28 December 2014

Rally - Bunnet alert

Perhaps surprisingly, a certain Jaggy Bunnet Esq, was spotted out in public, in a celebrated Lanarkshire delicatessen noted for its festive fayre. He was apparently entertaining Lady Bunnet to a seasonal and convivial lunch at which no expense was spared. Note the attention to detail. Assorted condiments, festively coloured napkins, a tea-cup for the lady and a mug for himself, low fat sweeteners and one long life milk between two, and as one would expect in this gastronomically graceful home of north Lanarkshire fine dining, no knives and forks. And for afters? The branded mug will give the game away as to the location of this most welcoming hostelry for the provision of life enhancing sustenance to leg weary sales shopping bargain baggers! Far from the madding crowds, a haven for tea cake connoisseurs and caramel wafer devotees. This is a turkey dinner-free zone! And the biggest shock of all ... JB picked up the tab himself - twa teas and twa pies = £4:08. Ya beezer.

Saturday 27 December 2014

Christmas - Follow-Up

Thought you might be interested in this update on the previous Blog posting. This photo of a shop window in Moffat was taken on Boxing Day. Note the advert in the bottom left hand corner. Obviously Santa Claus has heeded the advice and will be seeking a new transport solution for next year. Any takers?

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Christmas Greetings

The Christmas Greet --- ings

With Yewtree behind him and now out on parole
Honour restored and back on the dole
Santa’s now ready for his one job per year
The vet’s been in too and the reindeer are clear
They’re all ready to go this Christmas eve night
Rain, hail or snow they’re prepared for this flight
The elves have completed their toy making strains
And packing the presents for excited wee weans
The sleigh is being loaded right up to its max
With sweeties and presents all filling the sacks
But jings, crivvens and help ma boab
The H&S polis are out on the joab
They’re weighing the sleigh which is full to the brim
And shaking their heids and looking quite grim
They’re now telling Santa that he cannae fly
The sleigh’s overweight and penalties apply
Santa then sought the MSA scales
(The wans that were wrecked on their visit to Wales)
And using these most unreliable of tools
He managed to hoodwink the H&S fools
But advice was given that he’ll have to embrace
Next year he will need something else in its place
He’ll need a man wi’ a van ...
... and I’ve got the very wan!

Merry Christmas everyone and a safe, happy and successful New Year tae yin an’a’

Sunday 21 December 2014

Rally - Bow Ties

Following the huge interest in recent historic pics, here’s another one. Just to prove he wasn’t always wild, hairy and scary looking, and did scrub up well when necessary, here’s a PR pic of ’The Big Yin’ and ‘Budgie’ with the sponsors at the awards night for the 1979 Scottish Rally Championship. You can tell it was an awfy posh ‘do’ in the Royal Scot Hotel in Edinburgh with the boys proudly sporting their bow-ties. What’s the betting ‘Hammy’ Hannah still had his ‘tackitty bits’ on under the table? And I think that’s Wendy Jones of ‘The Scotsman’ peering over Drew’s shoulders?

Friday 19 December 2014

Rally - David Black

David Black, 1915-2014

Those of us of a certain age will instantly recognise the name. In the 1960s and 70s, if you turned up at an all-night navigational rally and saw the names David Black/Ross Finlay on the entry list you resigned yourself to a top ten finish, or a podium if you were really lucky. These were the days of such intimidating and frightening combinations as Margaret Fulton and Gordon Hastie, Charlie Brown and Neil Turner, Ken Wishart and Brian Hunter, and many, many more. This was a serious team game and tested the mettle and stamina of drivers and navigators alike.

Championship navigational rallies in those days attracted entries of 80 or 90 cars with crews competing for anything up to 8 hours from a 10pm start. An end of rally breakfast was all part of the entry fee – if you found the Final Control in time to eat it, before heading straight to work!

David won many events and championships first in a Renault Dauphine and Renault 8, plus a couple of Peugeots and latterly in Volvo Amazons. He later tried his hand at forest rallying before retiring gracefully and taking up the dark arts of Scrutineering. Perhaps because he ended one attempt at the Snowman Rally rather abruptly against a tree, he took scrutineering very seriously. Pernickety is the word that comes to mind, but he was friendly, if a tad firm, and would help, advise and encourage competitors to better prepare their cars.

His dedication to the sport earned him an ‘Officiel d’Honneur’ awarded by the MSA in recognition of his commitment and long service to the sport.

He died peacefully at home last Sunday (14th Dec) aged 99, oddly enough almost ten years to the day since Ross Finlay passed away (15th Dec, 2004).

The funeral service will be held at Perth Crematorium, Crieff Road, Perth PH1 2PE, at 10.30am, on Wednesday, 24th December, 2014. All friends welcome.

Thursday 18 December 2014

Rally - Two Champs

Yesterday’s photographs of Drew Gallacher prompted quite a response and tickled many readers' own mental memory boxes. It just highlights the following the man had at that time. It also prompted a couple of messages from the 1995 Scottish Rally Champion himself. Here he is with another 1995 Champion who presented the awards at that year’s end of season ‘do’ fitting his appearance in with his world title winning commitments. And what car did David campaign that year? It wasn’t the Metro!