Friday 11 October 2013

Rally - Cut and Run

SS1 and 2 stopped after Donnie MacDonald went off. It took a while to clear the road and there was a lot of Donnie's oil on the road surface so the organisers had little choice but to stop the stages (not cancel) so that they could get the rest of the competitors back on schedule.

8 crews missed out on going through the first stage but quite a few more missed out on running through 2. And that's the problem with closed road rallies. You can't afford delays and you can't make up time, so you just have to cut and run to get back on schedule. It may not be fair, but you can always blame the politicians.

Worst affected was obviously Steven Ronaldson as the 'notional time' is unlikely to have been as good as his potential actual time given the pace he went through the first stage.

On the way to Salen just before midnight the 'ice alert' in my Mazda 6 Tourer boinged, so temperatures are now officially below 4 degrees and still falling. But by goad the stars are pretty, there's squillions of them up there.

Next update will be in the early hours, so don't wait up.

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