Wednesday 31 May 2017

Rally - RSAC classes roundup

That's the roundup from all the Classes in the Nat B RSAC Scottish Rally now on-line. Just the News & Blethers to do now, and then the Granite Rally report from Leuchars and info will follow.

Monday 29 May 2017

Rally - Missive from Leuchars

Dear Santa, 
Please can you bring me some new colouring-in pens? I know it's a bit early in the year, but a bluidy stupit rally driver ran over my Barbie pencil case, crushed my crayons and broke my pencils. The big fat tyres also smudged my notes and squished my packed lunch. And given just how stupit some of these drivers can be, I need to mark my maps and highlight the directions so that I can show the big b*gg*r where to go and hope he'll be tellt! That's why I need a new set of colouring-in pens. They would also be helpful for my school homework and my entry for the Blue Peter colouring-in competition.
Love, Joan.

Sunday 28 May 2017

Rally - Kirkaldy wins in Fife

Alan Kirkaldy won yesterday's Granite Stages Rally at Leuchars in north east Fife but only after a day long battle with Alistair Inglis, the Escort driver finishing a mere 11 seconds ahead of the Lotus Exige pilot. Gordon Morrison was on the case too, the Subaru finishing just 3 seconds adrift of Inglis. Ian Forgan was also in the mix, he set off at a cracking pace in the Hyundai but a turbo pipe failure in SS6 cost him the chance of a podium finish. Ross Marshall was fifth in the Skoda and Taylor Gibb was in top three contention till an overshoot and a concrete post cost him a minute in the final stage, but he was lucky to finish at all.

1, A Kirkaldy, 45m 19s
2, A Inglis, 45m 30s
3, Gordon Morrison, 45m 33s
4, I Forgan, 45m 50s
5, R Marshall, 46m 07s
6, T Gibb, 45m 52s
7, G White, 47m 12s
8, E Duncan, 47m 51s
9, R Auld, 47m 57s
10, G Rintoul, 48m 02s

Thursday 25 May 2017

Rally - Friends

Martin Forrest was over in Americky (just to the west of Ireland) the other week and was hoping to keep up to date with news from the RSAC Scottish Rally on various websites, especially about his regular driver, one Keith Morris Esq. Entered at number 37, Martin couldn't find Keith's name on any of the interim or final results, or even the list of retirements. Even more puzzling, he couldn't find his name on the Start List.

So when he got back he investigated, only to find that Keith has taken up a new and hopefully very temporary residence in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Apparently Keith had a pretty serious accident on the A9 between Aviemore and Inverness on the Monday before the rally from whence he was taken initially to Raigmore and then helicoptered to ARI.

Earlier this week Martin popped in to see Keith who was apparently sitting up and talking sense. That was unusual, but Martin noted that he had spent a couple of nights on strong morphine! Keith is hoping to get out soon, but methinks the medics have other ideas due to a varied selection of broken bones and a punctured lung.

In the meantime, his address is Ward 504 in the ARI. Get well soon Keith, your cheerful grumpiness will be sorely missed in the woods.

Rally - Scottish Rally report

That's the main headline report from last weekend's RSAC Scottish Rally up on Jaggy's on-line mag now. As last time (after the Speyside) I have shown the fastest six times on each stage on a separate page. That seemed to go down well. Class roundup to follow with News after that. Oh, and did I mention it was wet last weekend?