Saturday 5 October 2013

Rally - Thorburn leads

Euan Thorburn leads the Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally by 21 seconds after 2 of the day's 6 stages.

David Bogie is second but picked up a front n/s puncture in the second test: "I was flat through a 5 Right going into 4 Left and hit something with the front wheel. I didn't see anything, but I immediately felt the tyre go down."

Both drivers in fact 'cleaned' the first stage of the day equalling the Bogey time so no advantage was gained or lost there.

Dave Weston is third: "Quintin Milne put me off," said David, then added, "I was sitting on the start line of the second stage behind Q when I saw him out it off on the first corner. Fortunately the Marshals gave me an extra minute while Q got himself out and carried on, but it put me right off. I was half way through the stage before I felt comfortable again!"

As for Quintin: "I just slid off into a ditch. I hung back at the start of the first stage to let Euan and David go through. It's up to them to sort out the championship so I wanted to let them run first on the road. It's very slippy in places and dry with loads of grip in others, it's just knowing what comes next round the next corner or over the next brow." He dropped to 16th place.

Another n worse trouble is Mark McCulloch. He damaged the rear n/s of the Subaru against a log pile and the crew are struggling to repair the suspension and rear driveshaft to get him back in the rally.

Leaders after 2 of 6 stages:
1, E Thorburn, 9m 14s
2, D Bogie, 9m 35s
3, D Weston, 9m 41s
4, J Burn, 9m 45s
5, C Collie, 9m 47s
6, M Faulkner, 9m 48s
7, A Inglis, 9m 58s
8, B Groundwater, 9m 59s
9, A Gallacher, 10m 05s
10, D MacDonald, 10m 08s

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