Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Rally - Grampian Entry List

Full entry list and link to spectator information for this Saturday's (13th) Voyonic Grampian Forest Rally now in the on-line mag ... The Stonehaven & DMC organising team have arranged two spectator viewing points furnished with with loos and internal culinary replenishment facilities at which cars will pass twice during the day. With over 80 cars in the entry list there's a helluva battle in prospect between two lots of championship contenders hellbent on scoring points.   

With a full supporting cast of Scottish triers, it's just a pity the BRC couldn't muster more than 13 crews to make the trip to the land of mystifying weather, voracious midges and constantly running deep fat fryers ...



Friday, 5 August 2022

Rally - RSAC Classes Roundup

That's the belated roundup of all the Classes on the recent RSAC Scottish Rally now in Jaggy's on-line magazine. Apparently the big chap was somewhat upset about the fate of the baby bunny rabbit and the tale of the wilful child who stabbed his faither in the leg with a pencil. Is nothing and no-one safe in Scottish rallying?