Monday 7 October 2013

Rally - Serious Wheels

With the McRae now over, rallying attention will now focus (fiesta?) on Mull. This will be John MacCrone’s weapon of choice for the longest, toughest, fastest national rally in the UK.

Developed by M-Sport and based on the Fiesta S2000 chassis Malcolm and Millington’s minted monster will have a 2.4 litre, 325 bhp, 4 pot up front driving the four wheels through an M-Sport / X-Trac-built six-speed sequential gearbox.

Malcolm himself gave the beast an airing on the Malcolm Wilson Stages in March, but it had to go back to base for some TLC before the rally was over!

So this will only be its second serious outing. And you know what? It sounds even better than it looks. Big problem is, where best to watch and listen? Echoing off the rocky walls of Gribun, bellowing across Calgary Bay or in full-flight, after-burner mode down Glen Aros?

In other words, don’t go for a haircut before the weekend, give your hackles some decent exercise on the night.

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