Thursday 29 September 2016

Rally - Next stop Mull

There's a full Entry List and a Timetable with a little bit of a preview in the on-line mag for the forthcoming Beatson's Mull Rally, which has attracted a full house entry of 150 cars and crew from a'pairts plus reserves - and also some very tasty and extremely exotic rally machinery!

More info will follow in due course:

Road - Top Car Scotland

Ahead of next month's 'Scottish Car of the Year' revelations and awards, the judges are hard at work assessing and appraising all the contenders for the various class awards, and of course, the most highly coveted and prestigious 'Scottish Car of the Year' accolade. Having driven all of these machines at some point during the year their results and opinions now have to be compiled and scored.

This competition is highly regarded amongst the world's manufacturers as it is (rightly!) regarded as a national competition as opposed to a more limited trade, specialist category or motoring magazine award.

This will be the 20th year of the Scottish awards and picking the winners doesn't get any easier. Everyone is building better cars these days to tempt a much more discerning and knowledgeable public.

As part of this process a certain Mr Bunnet was spotted out and about earlier in the week in something rather more exotic than his usual mode of transport. Somewhat out of his comfort zone, the bold lad was behind the wheel of a McLaren 570GT. Nevertheless he persevered with his duty.

And before you ask, entry and exit to the compact cabin were both accomplished with all the style, panache, elegance and dignity that one would expect from the nation's foremost motoring correspondent. Or to be more accurate, getting in was a doddle, getting out was more like soor dook oozing from the neck of a bottle.

There will be a full appraisal in the mag soon.

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Rally - Galloway Gossip

That's the News & Blethers from the Galloway Hills Rally now in the mag but it makes you wonder what Scottish rallying is coming to when all the talk is about skint knees, chipped elbows, severed tendons and Holy Socks, and all the injuries had nothing to do with rallying. Makes you think - it's a dangerous world out there. So best stick to rallying, it's safer than real life.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Rally - Galloway Hills classes

Rallying  is not just about the front runners and the winners, everyone who takes part has a tale to tell, so here's a roundup of all the classes on the recent Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally.

Oh, and the photo? Some folk would have you believe that rallying is tough and dangerous, physically taxing and mentally draining, with drivers and co-drivers faced with split second decisions and displaying death defying heroics every yard of every stage - and some don't!

Thursday 22 September 2016

Rally - A right stooshie

Well, that caused a right old stramash yesterday with over 10,000 people (so far) reading the article having clicked through from the Blog post. Many of you have posted valid questions, raised pertinent issues and vented opinions so rather than try and answer everything individually, I'll try and respond to as many of those points as I can (and pose a few more!) in another article. And you know what? I got a really nice encouraging wee email from Jamie Edwards one of the 'Rally4Wales' instigators. Maybe we should light up the fiery cross, paint on the blue woad and go into battle - Rally4Scotland anyone?

By the way, the text below is from a  Press Release issued by the MSA yesterday:

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and the Motor Sports Association (MSA) have signed a new access agreement which will allow Wales Rally GB to use NRW-managed land for the next three years.

NRW has played a major role in supporting motor sport in Wales for many years, and has a successful working relationship with the MSA in staging events at every level of the sport.

NRW announced earlier this year that it needed to ensure that the cost of repairing forestry roads after rallying events was covered by the rally organisers.

Popular forest roads in Hafren, Myherin, Clocaenog and Dyfi are all looked after by NRW and will feature in the UK round of the FIA World Rally Championship this October.

Tim Jones, Natural Resources Wales’ Executive Director of Operations for North and Mid Wales, said: “The forest roads we look after have achieved almost legendary status in the world of rallying.

“With more than 84,000 visitors attending this event alone, it is clear that rallying makes an important contribution to our rural economy.

“We hope this new access agreement sends a positive message to the rallying community that NRW and the MSA continue to have a good relationship, and are working together to ensure this important event in the Welsh sporting calendar takes place.”

Discussions are continuing between NRW, the MSA and Rally4Wales around the stage rally mileage charges and all parties hope to confirm a successful conclusion in the near future.

Tim Jones added: “We are working hard to find a long term solution to the related matter of stage rally mileage charges. We will continue our discussions with MSA and Rally4Wales to find a solution that will allow fans to enjoy the sport, and ensure the forests of Wales are protected and maintained.”

Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, said: “The new three-year access agreement confirms the confidence that MSA and NRW have in each other, and forms the essential platform for us to continue to focus on mileage charges and the wider partnership between our two organisations.”