Thursday 10 October 2013

Rally - Mull under way

The 2013 Tunnocks Mull Rally is now well and truly underway. The Rally Forum in the Aros Hall was fair hoachin' with people. It was standing room only and quite a few folk got hit, or rather, presented with their prizes at the pre-chat quiz. Thanks to Volkswagen and Tunnocks for the glittering array of desirable collectables and wearables, and guess what, the flying tee-shirts made a re-appearance. Apparently a bag of 1995 Burmah Scottish Championship top quality tee shirts were found at the  back of a garage. Once the mices nests had been shaken out, the cobwebs dusted away and the stoor blown off the outer packaging they looked as good as (nearly) new.

Flight Lieutenant Calum Duffy was in top form but he hasn't flown the MkII at all this year. The whole car has been rebuilt ahead of the weekend and according to Calum: "It's as good as new." As for former Scottish Tarmack Champion, this will be the first time out for Bruce Edwards' Darrian with its brand new motor - a 2.5 Millington! Andy Fenwick has had a "few issues" with his Hyundai WRC but thinks (hopes!) he's got to the bottom of them after ploughing through a French ditch on his last outing. Tom and Sue Hynd will debut their new Clio 172 on the rally this weekend, Allan Cameron and Jim McDowall will be out in their respective Impreza and Avenger motors and the final guest was young Ally Currie, stepping in to the pace vacated by John MacCrone. We knew John was going to be arriving late in the island so his appearance was more hopeful than guaranteed, but 16 (tomorrow!) year old filled in a full house with his two years of rallying so far. He's been competing in the Junior 1000 Championship for 14 to 17 year olds with 1 litre motors this past couple of years so he's an old hand. But his biggest problem is his 17th birthday. Depending on which weekend the rally falls next year, he might not make his ambition, to start the Mull Rally. Many thanks to all 8 guests for their entertaining and enlightening insight into our sport.

 The politically incorrect host, as ever, managed to insult most folks at some point during the evening. A typical quiz question was "What colour is shortbread?" Gareth White answered "Golden" to which our illustrious host explained that it wasn't really a question, but a desire to gain knowledge, as the home made shortbread in his own house is usually charcoal black. Gareth still got his prize.

Winner of the Tunnocks Teacake eating contest was Peppe Planeta who won it last year. This year he managed 16 teackes in 2 minutes. Peppe comes from the Isle of Man and works with the John Cope team. Secondwas Northern Ireland's Mo Downey with 15 and third equal with 14 were Billy McClelland and Kenny Murray. One thing's for sure I wouldn't want to clean their cages out in the morning.

As ever the pubs were busy tonight with many folks standing outside. It's not summer but it is pleasant. Fingers crossed for a dry weekend.

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