Wednesday 9 October 2013

Rally - Mull Forum

Thursday night is Forum night on Mull ahead of the annual Tunnocks Mull Rally and the line-up of guests has just about been confirmed. Taking the stage will be Calum Duffy (MkII pilot), Andy Fenwick (Hyundai WRC) , Bruce Edwards (Tupperware GT), Allan Cameron (Subaru), Jim McDowall (minted Avenger) and Tom and Sue Hynd (anything they can get their hands on).

The fun kicks off at 7.00 pm with the usual quiz. This is not to be confused with those deadly serious affairs conducted in pubs, this is a light hearted quiz with some light hearted prizes. Those who have never been before may want to bring hard hats, the regulars know when to duck! That’s because the prizes are thrown to (at?) the winners after each question. This keeps the fun rollicking along without pauses for the audience to trudge forwards and backwards to and from the stage to collect their prizes. Admittedly things can get interesting if there just happens to be a couple of china mugs up for grabs.

As for the forum itself, there will be up to 4 guests on stage at any one time, the first lot starting at 7.15 and being replaced at 7.45 by the second lot – no airs and graces here. And it will be all over by 8.30 – just in time to pop along to MacGochan’s for the Tunnocks Teacake eating competition. And if you think that’s easy, it ain’t, that’s because the teacakes have to be washed down with a can of Irn Bru, all within time allowed.

The Forum and Quiz gets underway at 7 pm in the Aros Hall, in Tobermory on Thursday evening 10th October. Entry is FREE and the prizes are fantastic(ally cheap!) and some are quite unique. It’s been standing room only for the past few years, but the SSE Hydro is just too far away for a one night stand.

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