Saturday, 22 September 2018

Rally - Galloway gossip .

It was obviously the end of a very tough season, or perhaps it was simply due to the Galloway Hills being the final round of the ARR Craib Championship, or maybe it was because it was cold, wet and drizzly at Service. Whatever, nonsense and funny stories were in short supply, although there were instances of what looked suspiciously like male bonding, or perhaps it was just downright bribery, and whoever came up with the idea of haggis flavoured ice cream deserves to be knighted - or exiled !!

Galloway News & Blethers here:

Friday, 21 September 2018

Road - Electrically driven

Electric cars - the future? Perhaps not. The trouble with electric cars is they make you fat, and as we all know obesity is a growing problem. It creates strain on the NHS and on the Government's longer term health and welfare finances. Obesity also leads to reduced manufacturing output and lost working days. A terrible affliction, surely.

Which begs the question, why is the Government so dead set on switching us from petrol and diesel to electricity if electric cars are only adding to the crisis? It's a question of solving one problem while creating another, but which is worse?

Of course it's not the electric power plant that is the problem. The latest generation of electric cars are lovely to drive but range is still an issue, and of course range-anxiety can affect one's health too! Whereas it takes just minutes to re-fill a petrol or diesel tank it can take hours to 're-fuel' a battery pack. And this is where the problem lies.

What do motorists do if they are waiting for their vehicle to be charged up? They go to the nearest cafe for a coffee and a cake, which simply adds to the obesity epidemic. Even if they don't go for food and drink they might well end up going shopping and that could cost even more money.

So re-fuelling an electric car isn't as cheap as the 'experts' would have you believe. The temptation is there to while away a bit of time by spending more money on snacks and energy drinks, or tea and a bacon roll. And God forbid they put a charging point near a Greggs, that will burst the nation's economy quicker than a microwave heating a pie.

Don't kid yourself. When you add that to the cost of running an electric car, you also add to your waistline while depleting your wallet. So much for all these bluidy wind farms spoiling the views and turbines cluttering up the skyline.

As for zero emissions, after some of Nando's hot Peri Peri chicken or a chickpea and lentil burger, it's not the car's emissions we have to be worried about, it's the human emission equivalent!

Nope, there is much to be said for the 'hidden benefits' of the combustion engine. Methinks the Government have not really thought this issue all the way through. They should just stop and think for a minute before charging ahead with their alternative fuel schemes.

For instance, I spent the day with the latest generation Nissan Leaf. Lovely motor, but I had to stop for a charge-up and it just happened to be opposite a Berits and Brown bistro. They do a wonderful millionaire's shortbread and cappuccino you know! What chance have I got?

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Rally - The 3 Amigos

(L to R) Johnnie, Iain and Andrew

After last weekend's Memorial Garden Stages Rally and with 2 rounds remaining for the Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge there are just three drivers in the running for this year's national title. Johnnie Mackay still leads but Lewis Haining's win at Condor has pitched him back into the title fight while Andrew Blackwood's impressive runner-up position between Haining and championship points leader Mackay has put him in title contention too.

There's little more than a lick of paint between the 3 of them, so the next round of the 3 way fecht, plus full supporting cast, is not to be missed this Sunday (23rd Sept) at Kames. So come along and cheer the youngsters on - and bring a hankie, as all of us auld gits remind ourselves what it was like to be young, carefree and rally-daft.

David Barlow's report on proceedings is now in the digital on-line mag:

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Rally - Wales Rally GB

There's quite a few of our lot heading south to Wales in a couple of weeks' time for the National event within Wales Rally GB. Bruce McCombie was 2nd last year having won it the year before but he's not entered this time although Andrew Gallacher and John Wink are the top Scottish seeds. There's a full entry list with 'persons of interest' highlighted in the on-line mag, also a brief timetable. 

If I've missed anyone, no doubt you'll let me know. It is rumoured that a certain Mr Bunnet has been granted permission to attend this event so you might even get more news and information during the rally.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Rally - Albar Kames Rally

The penultimate round of the Junior 1000 Ecosse Rally Challenge takes to the stages at Kames, Muirkirk in Ayrshire this weekend on Sunday 23rd September for the Albar Kames Trophy Rally supported by ISS (Aberdeen) Ltd with the first car away at 09.31 Hrs.

There will also be a few 'senior' entries supporting the youngsters in bigger and faster cars but amongst them lurks a rallying revolution. This event will witness the competition debut in Scotland of the UK's first electrically powered special stage rally car.

The fully electric Renault Zoe rally car is the result of an extensive development programme orchestrated by Jean Hay and Ellya Gold. The car is powered by a 65Kw electric motor driving the front wheels and has been fitted with an approved MSA rollcage, seats and harnesses.

So if you fancy a day out and seeing (but not hearing!) something different, come along for a look.

(P.S. Thanks to Eddie Kelly for the pics)

Full preview in the on-line mag here:

Rally - Galloway classes

That's the full roundup of all the classes (well nearly everyone!) in the digital mag now. Just the News & Blethers to come.