Thursday 17 October 2013

Rally - Mull compilation

By public request I have compiled all of the on-event Facebook reports from the 2013 Tunnocks Mull Rally into one report and posted it on the on-line Mag.

But because it runs to almost 10,000 words, I have had to break it up into four chapters! Go on count them if you don’t believe me. Yes, I surprised myself too. Looking back, the sheer amount of verbal diarrhoea vented on this event just doesn’t bear thinking about.

I didn’t put the photos in because the 4 parts were already long enough, or am I wrong again? If you’re going to try and read this in a oner, you’ll need a wee dram and a soft seat!

A couple of things stand out. Sitting in a certain bar at 3 o’clock on the Saturday night/Sunday morning compiling the final two bulletins of Leg 2, aided by a pint of draught Beck’s. Shocking, and on the Sabbath too. Then standing under a star speckled, dark blue blanket and floodlights at Dervaig at 2 in the morning on Sunday night/Monday morning with a hot Tunnocks pie. Where else?

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