Saturday 12 October 2013

Rally - Taylor catching

It's tee shirt weather here on Mull, hard to believe it's October in Scotland, but if it's warm outside, it's bluidy scorching inside the cars on this 44th Tunnocks Mull Rally.

Over the first loop of Mishnish, Hill Road and Killiemore tests this afternoon, young Peter Taylor is continuing to nibble away at John MacCrone's lead. He has taken a further 5, 5 and 7 seconds out of the margin to leave the gap at 51 seconds with another loop of the same three tests to come before the end of this Leg 2.

Fast Eddie continues to hold third place from Harper, Bardy and Pye, but I tell you what, the star of the show is Callum Duffy as he continues his fightback from 87th, at least he would do if he wasn't showboating, and he's still setting top six times!

Richard Cook continues to lead Group N and leaving John Morrison shaking his head. John won the category last year by a second from Cookie, "but I can't look at him today." When asked what his secret was, Cookie revealed: "Porridge for breakfast yesterday morning and again this morning." Methinks he's dosing the stuff with Red Bull.

Ian Chadwick in the Skoda Fabia leads Class B and Kev Dunn in his Nova leads Class A.

Sadly Steven Ronaldson is now out, the Metro developing a mechanical problem on the Hill Road and the lads have just left service with the trailer!

And yes, I know I said last night John Cope was out with a gearbox problem, but that was the 'official' reason. As he admitted on his own Facebook page, the Subaru was missing a rear wheel when he pulled over. But then I suppose you could argue that the gearbox is connected to the wheels! Oh please yourselves.

And as for Curly Haigh he's taking the idea of racing boots to a new heights. They look like a pair of gallumphers last used by Ranulph Fiennes climbing Everest! All the better to press the loud pedal, eh.

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