Saturday 5 October 2013

Rally - Thorburn still leads

After 4 stages (of 6) on today's Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally, Euan Thorburn still leads from David Bogie. He was 4 seconds down over Errochty and 1 second down in SS4 with a puncture leaving the gap at 16 seconds with 2 stages to go.

Mike Faulkner is up to third, displacing Dave Weston, but Quintin Milne is out. He injured hi back on the Pendragon two weeks ago and after his bump this morning, the injury flared up again and he decided to call it a day before doing any more damage. Q doing something sensible? There's a change!

Tony Jardine and Amy Williams are still going which is good news for Amy's quest to get her International licence in preparation  for Rally Wales GB in November. They are 39th o/a and 2nd in class.

Provisional Leaders
1, E Thorburn, 26m 29s
2, D Bogie, 26m 45s
3, M Faulkner, 28m 02s
4, D Weston, 28m 13s
5, J Burn, 28m 14s
6, D MacDonald, 28m 31s
7, B Grounwater, 28m 33s
8, A Inglis, 28m 39s
9, A Gallacher, 28m 44s
10, B McCombie, 28m 54s

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