Sunday 27 October 2013

Rally - Bogie in command

Well, those last 2 tests put the smile back on everyone's faces, well, nearly everyone. Cairn Edward and Glengap were in excellent condition, but bum-nippingly slippy in places.

As Mark McCulloch found out when the Subaru slid off into a ditch on a  Right over crest. The crew were OK as Iain Haining noticed when he drove past: "Mark gave us a beautifully executed star jump when he saw me and Mhairi!"

Jock had a problem this morning whe he couldn't see over the crests in the first few stages. Whoever had fitted the seat had installed it 3 inches lower than he's used to, but that was easily fixed at service. Donnie MacDonald is dropping  abit of time: "We've softened the whole car off as much as we can but it's still not right, we think we have a problem with the dampers." Liam Regan is having a tough time, no brakes on the first stage and puncture on the second, then no brakes again on SS4 and a puncture on SS5.

Barry Groundwater and Andrew Gallacher both reported a wee misfire on the road section into service but
Barry reckons a change of plugs will cure his.

And speaking of Iain Haining, silliness is never far away. Apparently he saw a big crowd in Glengap and set the car up for a bit of a slide - until that insistent little quiet voice came over the intercom "Stop it!" You don't argue with threats when they are made quietly, eh?

But after 5 stages, Bogie ("these stages are class") still leads from Armstrong with Faulkner in third place.

Leaderboard after 5 (of 7) stages:
1, Bogie, 37m 20s
2, Armstrong, 38m 09s
3, Faulkner, 39m 10s
4, Sinclair, 39m 46s
5, Groundwater, 40m 01s
6, MacDonald, 40m 13s
7, Horne, 40m 42s
8, Gallacher, 40m 59s
9, McMiken, 41m 01s
10, McClory, 41m 31s

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