Sunday 27 October 2013

Rally - Bogie leads

Richard Dickson summed it up best, "A good stage ruined," referring to the 'repaired' bits in Dalbeattie. Normally a tricky and technical stage, the flow had been spoiled by attempts to regrade sections during the week and with last night's rain, much of that well intentioned effort was ruined.

Steve Bannister drove for 6 miles with a rear puncture and Richard Dickson drove out on two punctures, both on the driver's side adding "we're too fat and lazy to stop, get out and change them!"

Alistair Inglis and Chris Collie are both off in Dalbeattie and Jon Burn damaged the front n/s corner and lost the bumper of his Impreza. Ian Baumgart also bashed the front n/s corner in his Impreza so it must a be a Subaru thing!

Craig McMiken bashed the nose of his Lancer on a 'tyre bale' in the Spectator Special third stage but it's only panel damage. Iain Wilson suffered most badly. When a drivehshaft broke in the Nova it happened right in front of his family and followers in the Spectator Special - from hero to numpty in less than a second!

But after 3 stages, Bogie still leads from Armstrong with Faulkner, who had a spin in Dalbeattie, holding third.

Leaderboard after 3 (of 7) stages:
1, Bogie, 18m 29s
2, Armstrong, 18m 59s
3, Faulkner, 19m 23s
4, Sinclair, 19m 32s
5, MacDonald, 19m 53s
6, Groundwater, 19m 56s
7, Brown, 20m 18s
8, Horne, 20m 23s
9, McClory, 20m 35s
10, McMiken, 20m 35s

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