Saturday 12 October 2013

Rally - The Entertainers

And here's a tale to warm the bearings of an all steel bottom end. Remember the two youngsters I told you about many stories ago? Running car number 113 are 18 year old Ruaridh Allan and 16 year old Fred Maclean Jnr. This is their first ever rally and they are doing it in a wee Nova that they have spent two years building themselves. Well, they are still going.

They finished Leg 2 when the car 'chugged' out of the last stage this afternoon with a misfire. That means there is work to be done before the start of Leg 3 at 9 pm tonight. Even better, they're not last, they are 66th out of a field of 70 survivors. Gaun yersels boys.

And speaking of survivors, the pre-rally odds of Brian Watson and Caroline Will getting this far were astronomical. Well here they are again, 107 miles so far and the German tractor (Audi Quattro S1) is still going and still sounding good. The Sheriff has been awfy sensible and taking his Course Car duties seriously, and that's another surprise, but full marks to him, he's entertained the crowds and swept the roads.

Allan MacKay and Fred MacLean (Fred Jnr's Dad) are also still going well running car 0 in the Ford Anglia.

Speaking of entertainers, Mr Duffy may not be appearing tonight. Earlier on SS12, the Escort developed a fault and with nothing at stake, Calum pulled the car off to the side. If he turns up the crowds are in for a treat, if not, then there is still the battle at the front to be decided. Let's all wish for a safe night of rallying ahead, and the temperature is dropping.  

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