Tuesday 8 October 2013

Rally - McRae Book

Coltness Car Club still have some of the 'McRae, Just Colin' books left. Of the original 200 supplied, 147 were sold at the weekend, but since then, another ten or so have been sold. It seems that folk are struggling to get hold of a copy as some of the internet book retailers don't have any at all.

The plan was to return the remainder to McKlein, but on this basis, there might not be any left soon. If you want a copy, here's your chance, speak to the Bears.

There's some good stuff in the book and as you would expect from Colin McMaster, the photographs are breathtaking. Much has already been written about Colin, but David Evans has come up with a new slant on his life by talking to friends and family. Mind you he did manage to upset Shug Steel, David hasn't quite grasped the Scottish vernacular. He was actually called Uncle Shooey.

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