Tuesday 4 October 2011

Road - Multi-tasking

One of the big things about driving a Ford Transit is that you can look down and inside cars as you pass them by, or are passed by, and life viewed from this angle can be very interesting and illuminating at times.

For instance, just this morning I passed a Fiat Punto on the M8 heading into Weegie-land. I gave it a wide berth as I passed by in the outside lane, but had a look in on the way. And there she was, a prime example of the multi-tasker at work.

Not only was she operating a smart phone with both hands, but she was cruising along at 50 while chatting to her front seat passenger, and managing to hit both the rumble strips on the inside and the cat's eyes on her outside with practiced frequency - and getting awfy close to my shiny new paintwork in the process, so I got outa there kinda quick.

But it made me wonder. How was she steering the car? If she was using both hands, what did that leave? Her elbows? Her knees? Or maybe even her jiggly bits? Who knows? But it does prove that women are smarter than men. We could never manage all that!

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