Saturday 8 October 2011

Rally - Scrutineering at RoS

Scrutineering for the National B competitors at Rally of Scotland has just about finished and I spoke to Gary MacLeod who appeared with the Honda and asked what the trouble was with Ruary and his Fiesta last night. The officials had asked to see his Fiesta's V5 just to make sure the car was privately registered. If it had been a Ford car they would have charged him and extra 1800 quid as a trade entrant!

I also found out what happened to David Newall on last weekend's McRae Rally. It wasn't just the driveshaft that broke, he had trouble before that. The heater matrix burst and water was dripping on to the ECU that controlled the 4WD electrics. They shorted out, then the driveshaft broke, and because the electrics were malfunctioning they couldn't lock the diffs to allow him to drive out the stage. Eventually, they did get out but had gone OTL.

Another driver with water in the electrics was Alex Pirie. When he slid off in the Corsa last week, the nose was stuck in a ditch, but the ditch was that deep that water got into the engine sensor and it wouldn't run right flashing up all sorts of error messages. Anyway, he's hoping to get that fixed right after Scrooting because the Pro-Tec boys who look after David Bogie's car are here and they are going to stick the laptop on the Corsa and sort him out.

Most folks don't know what to expect when the National Rally starts later this evening, some of them have never driven stages in the dark before, but most are concerned about the mist and low cloud that are  shrouding the hill tops and mountain peaks. Plus it's raining, maybe not as bad as last week, but they've all heard the tales of doom, despair and downpours from drivers who were there!

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