Sunday 9 October 2011

Rally - Sisson leads National

According to the vast majority of competitors, the organisers of the RoS made the right decision in cancelling the last stage of the day in Drummond Hill. Visibility was down to 10 feet in places in Errochty. Competitors climbed through thick mist and rain on to the top of the mountain where it was clear, but then descended through another band of mist and rain on the other side. At the speed these guys are going, it appears to be have been the right decision.

Despite a spin and a stall on the first stage, Wayne Sisson leads the National after two stages on 24m 07.3s from John McClory (24m 32.5s) and Donnie MacDonald (24m 38.1s). Barry Groundwater is fourth (24m 38.8s) from David Newall (24m 47.0s) but David is facing a bit of work before the re-start tomorrow. He hit a rock on the second test which damaged the chassis leg and burst the radiator. It's not bad and he reached service without it overheating. Rounding off the top six is Alistair Inglis (25m 26.4s).

Reay MacKay was quick through the first stage but running later by the time he reached the second and there's no sign of him at service tonight, so goodness knows where he's gone.

Gordon Smith broke his prop shaft on the road section after Errochty, and drove here in FWD only, but he'll need to get that fixed before re-starting tomorrow. Alex Pirie is in worse trouble. he caught a car 3 miles into the first stage and promptly broke both driveshafts!

In the International event, John MacCrone is leading Jussi Kumpumaki in another Fiesta by 21 seconds but he had a front puncture in Errochty tonight but happy enough with his pace. Ruary MacLeod also got a front puncture in his Fiesta in Errochty too, but wondering where the others are getting their pace from!

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