Thursday 6 October 2011

Opinion - What Heatwave?

What do weather forecasters, climate change predictors and dodgy diviners know about the recent heatwave and unsettled weather that engulfed the southern part of the country? Nothing. 

They haven’t come up with one decent reason for this unhealthy and clammy warm front that brought out the knotted hankies and ice cream van chimes so late in the year. But I have.

It’s the political party conference season. All that hot air over England didn’t come from the Gulf of Mexico or North Africa, it came from a damp, heated, hot air front that built up over Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester.

Politicians are good at talking and good at making promises. They’re also good at listening, and apparently good at kissing babies. It’s the rest of the stuff that requires some additional work.

So don't blame global warming. The real reason had nothing to do with meteorology.

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