Sunday 16 October 2011

Rally - The Last Thrash

Halfway through the final 22 mile stage of the rally, Paul MacKinnon thought he was out. He thought it was a recurrence of his earlier troubles: “But much worse,” said Paul, “it started misfiring and then dropped on to three cylinders, It wouldn’t pull itself up the hills. I thought that was it, we were out. I tried to just keep it cruising in fifth gear and freewheeled down the hills, but we made it.” Apparently an injector wire had broken. Had there been another stage, then perhaps Paul and Ewan MacGillivray would not have scored their second Tunnock’s Mull victory.

James MacGillivray scored a solid second place but Daniel Harper put in a scintillating drive to snatch third place from Tristan Pye while Eddie O’Donnell stormed back into fifth place despite a puncture, an off, and one minute time penalty.

Caught up with John Cope: “It was the gearbox mainshaft that did for us. I went from 5th to sixth, and it went bang!”

As for Callum Duffy, it wasn’t the gearbox that failed it was actually the diff, a similar problem to that which stopped Billy Bird’s Chevette.

Provisional Leaderboard after 19 of 19 stages:
1 Paul MacKinnon, 2h 28m 04s
2 James MacGillivray, 2h 23m 51s
3 Daniel Harper, 2h 34m 12s
4 Tristan Pye, 2h 34m 22s
5 Eddie O’Donnell, 2h 35m 18s
6 Jonathan Mounsey, 2h 36m 52s
7 Lewis Gallagher, 2h 36m 52s
8 Tim Stell, 2h 36m 54s
9 Doug Weir, 2h 37m 14s
10 Iain MacKenzie, 2h 37m 57s

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