Sunday 30 October 2011

Rally - Sunshine over Galloway

Hard to believe after yesterday's fierce and heavy rain that today is so different. The sun's out, the temperature's up and there are even blue bits up above.

With three stages gone, Jock Armstrong still leads (26m 58s), so he's obviously got the fuel pump fixed but young Mark McCulloch has moved up to second place (27m 51s) ahead of Steve Petch (27m 59s), but the Hyundai is looking a bit tattered and second hand. He cowped it in Dalbeattie but it's only cosmetic, all the greasy bits seem to be in fine working order, so he hasn't given up hope yet.

Pat O'Connel is still holding fourth (28m 06s) from Craig McMiken (28m 31s) who had earlier dropped out of the top six but this was due to a timing error on one of his time cards. On the phone his time had been misheard as 51 seconds when it should have been 31 secs. So it was easily sorted.

Chris Collie is sixth (28m 48s) from Liam Regan (28m 57s), Peter Stewart in Dad's old Subaru (28m 59s), Shane McGirr (29m 12s) and rounding off the top ten is Andrew Gallacher (29m 14s).

I think the organisers are still struggling to get times up on the websites and even Raymomd 'The Man' Mann is having trouble with his own ScotResults service although he'll get that fixed later tonight when he gets home. I think it's all down to poor reception down here in the deep south west.

In other words you'll just have to stick with this humble wee Blog to get the latest.

By the way, I heard yesterday that Sean Moriarty has left Motorsport News so they'll be in the market for a full time rally journalist to go and work in London (that's near France by the way) if anyone up here fancies it.

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