Sunday 30 October 2011

Rally - Sunshine and Grey skies

Typical Scottish weather in Castle Douglas. The sun is shining but the skies are overcast and battleship grey. It rained yesterday so the five stages for this year's Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally are wet, but according to 'Top NoteMan' Lucky Sturrock, there is grip to had under the dampness.

And off to a flying start in the first stage of the day is young Mark McCulloch on only his fourth run out in the Subaru. He set a fastest time over Glengap of 8m 29s with Jock Armstrong only one second behind. But remember, Jock is out in a left hooker Lancer for the first time as opposed to his Impreza so he's still trying to remember to change gear with the stick not the door handle.

Stephen Petch is third quickest in the Hyundai WRC on 8m 38s from Pat O'Connell off to an impressive start on 8m 39s in his EVO9. Craig McMikne obviously had his full portion of Weetbaix this morning on 8m 43s with Chris Collie sixth fastest on 8m 44s.

Another local driver Richard Dickson is  on 9m 04s as well as Liam Regan in that exotic looking marvellously put together 4WD Peug 206 on 9m 04s. Fraser Wilson has posted a time of 9m 11s but since these are the first times in there may well be some faster times to comes, so these are not results, just interim positions!

If you're looking for full results, apparently there is a problem with the Galloway Hills Rally website so they will be putting results up on Raymond 'The Man' Mann's website at:

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