Sunday 9 October 2011

Rally - Bogie out of RoS

Well, that's confirmed, David Bogie is out of the RoS. Having moved up to 9th place, he is now out of the rally. He clipped something solid in High Corrie and tore a rear wheel off, so the impact must have been quite fierce. John MacCrone is still going well but his class rival Kumpumaki struck trouble in High Corrie and dropped 7 minutes.

Wayne Sisson still leads the Nationals (56m 10.6s) from John McClory (57m 24.9s) but John has picked up a road penalty. He punctured in Loch Chon this morning but drove out and changed it before going into High Corrie and was 3 mins late booking into the Control.

Barry Groundwater is now up to third (57m 36.0s) ahead of Alistair Inglis (57m 42.2s) who was slowed on two stages this morning when the turbo pipe slackened off so they're trying to fix that now. David Neall is fifth (59m 03.4s) from Nigel Feeney (60m 30.5s).

Gordon Murray is out with a faulty relay which is causing the fuel pump to cut out and is quite dangerous at times and Gordon Smith got his prop shaft fixed overnight but hit a stone this morning which tore the rim and tyre off the hub leaving the centre of the alloy rim still attached. Graeme Sherry has put the Peugeot off down a steep banking in Loch Chon. And having broken both driveshafts last night, Alex Pirie has broken another one this morning and is now worried about the Corsa's diff.

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