Tuesday 11 October 2011

Rally - Peace reigns

There's a full report on the RAC MSA National Rally of Scotland up on the website at: http://www.jaggybunnet.co.uk/

This report also has details of why John McClory and David Hood did not win despite being presented with the Winner's awards on the podium at the rally finish at Scone Palace on Sunday evening. However, I have to admit that I did not phone John till this morning. I chickened out!

As it turned out, he was as cheerful as ever. The weekend's events now consigned to experience and history. Unfortunately, David was not quite as cheerful, but John phoned him on Monday evening and the two of them are now back on the bright side of life. They've also been greatly cheered by the number of positive messages they've received since the news became known.

I should also state that no protests were lodged or queries raised by other competitors. In fact they were all in agreement at the Final Control that John and David should be given their reqested time. Everyone thought this had been done and justice served. Not so apparently. An hour or so later John got the call from the Nat CofC advising him of a Time Penalty which would drop him to second overall.

There are some occasions in life when a blind eye should be turned, and one wonders what discussions took place behind the scenes. But this is a sport after all, albeit an amateur sport, and rules are rules.

At no time did John and David even think of lodging their own protest. There's a lesson for all of us here.

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