Friday 21 October 2011

Road - Master in Demand

That’ll teach me. I wandered outside for some fresh air this morning, still as weak as a politician’s apology and was spotted by the next door neighbour: “I see you have a truck to test this week.”

Considering it was bright yellow and blocking out the daylight at the back of the house, very observant.

“You couldn’t do me a favour could you?” And before I could say I wasn’t feeling well and still suffering the effects of man-flu, he added: “I’ve got some 12 foot lengths of timber to collect and they want 15 quid to deliver it.” Fifteen quid? Where are they?

Anyway, we ended up driving into the wilds of North Lanarkshire to a sawmill to collect said timber. The trouble was, another neighbour spotted us on the way past, and he was waiting for me when we got back.

“I see you have a truck on test this week?” Now, having done one favour I couldn’t be churlish and complain about being ill and refuse another call for help. Having unloaded the timber and swapped over the neighbours, it was off to Ikea in Glasgow for some 8 foot long wardrobes. Five of the rascals. And they were heavy beggars to boot.

Thankfully, the Renault Master Tipper has dropsides so it was a doddle to load them on the back, and you know what, when we got back to the neighbour’s garage we actually tipped the loadbed slightly to ease the job of sliding the packages out the tailgate.

But I couldn’t help thinking Renault was having a laugh. This Master tipper had SatNav, Cruise Control, Air-Con and a middle seat that doubled up as a desk. It’s quiet, comfortable and the 125 bhp engine and 6 speed gearbox pulls like George Clooney at a granny night.

Both neighbours were well impressed – but not once did they ask how I was feeling.

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