Friday 7 October 2011

Rally - Live Rallying on TV

Eurosport has announced timings for its live TV coverage of this weekend’s RACMSA Rally of Scotland.

Saturday’s Errochty 1 (12.00 pm) and Errochty 2 (5.30 pm) stages near Calvine in Perthshire’s Tummel Forest and Sunday’s High Corrie 1 (11.00 am) and the High Corrie 1 (1.45 pm) stage in Stirlingshire’s Loch Ard Forest will each receive an hour’s live coverage.

Errochty 1 and 2 plus High Corrie 1 will be shown on Eurosport’s TV channels as well as on-line via the Eurosport Player  or Eurosport Player will then take over for another hour of live coverage of High Corrie 2 from 1.45pm. High Corrie could have a major bearing on the outcome of the result and the IRC title race – at 26 kms, it is one of longest and most daunting stages of the entire calendar.

Eurosport’s live coverage will be further backed up with replays and round-up highlights on Sunday evening. Its provisional timetable is:

Saturday 8 October (Perthshire)
LIVE Midday-1.00 pm, Errochty 1 (Eurosport, British Eurosport 1 & Eurosport Player)
LIVE 5.30 pm-6.00 pm, Errochty 2 (Eurosport, British Eurosport 2 & Eurosport Player)

Sunday 9 October (Stirlingshire)
LIVE 11.00 am-midday, High Corrie 1 (Eurosport &Eurosport Player)
LIVE 1.45 pm-2.45 pm, High Corrie 2 (Eurosport Player)
Highlights 9.45 pm-10.30 pm, High Corrie 2 (Eurosport & Eurosport Player)
Highlights 10.30 pm-11.15 pm, High Corrie 2 (British Eurosport 2 & Eurosport Player)

Tuesday 11 October
Rally Review 11.30 pm-midnight (Eurosport, British Eurosport 1 & Eurosport Player)
Wednesday 12 October
Rally Review Midday-1.00 pm (Eurosport 2 & Eurosport Player)

Rally Review 4.15 pm-4.45 pm (British Eurosport 2 & Eurosport Player)

Rally Radio by iRally will also be live throughout all three days and can be heard on the official and websites as well as through many of the IRC rally websites and It can also be heard on iTunes and, of course, iRally, the free independent rally App for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Rally Radio will be live from Scotland at the following times:
Friday (7 Oct) 7.00 pm-9.00 pm
Saturday (8 Oct) 8.45 am-8.00 pm
Sunday (9 Oct) 8.15 am-6.00 pm

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