Saturday 15 October 2011

Rally - Damp times on Mull

Paul MacKinnon still leads the Tunnock’s Mull Rally after the first loop of daylight stages, but has backed off a wee bit: “I had a bad misfire in that last stage,” he said, “so I switched it into safe mode and we’ll get a look at it at service.” And he only dropped a second to John Cope!

John Cope is happy in second place: “I’ve got a good flow and a good pace. I’m pulling away from James (MacGillivray) that’s the plan.”

James MacGillivray looked a wee bit sheepish: “I went off in Ardtun and hit Dougi’s wall! The car’s OK, it’s just my pride that’s hurt.”

Alan Gardiner has slipped back a wee bit: “I took 18 seconds off my time in Gribun this afternoon that I set last night – but we were crap last night!” Honesty is a virtue, eh? Tim Stell banged a wheel and it’s wobbling badly but the tyre stayed intact. Richard Cook punctures a tyre in Ardtun and Dave Hopwood smacked the nose of the Escort. The fan’s not working but it’s not losing water.

John Cressey is out with clutch failure in the MINI and John Rintoul’s retirement was caused last night by head gasket and radiator failure.

As for the weather? It’s wet. The rain is wet and the fresh air is wet, so everything is wet.

Interim Leaderboard after 13 of 19 stages:
1 Paul MacKinnon, 1h 13m 04s
2 John Cope, 1h 16m 20s
3 James MacGillivray, 1h 18m 09s
4 Tristan Pye, 1h 18m 48s
5 Daniel Harper, 1h 18m56s
6 Tim Stell, 1h 19m 21s
7 Eddie O’Donnell, 1h 19m 38s
8 Alan Gardiner, 1h 19m 44s
9 Jonathan Mounsey, 1h 20m 00s
10 Iain MacKenzie, 1h 20m 08s

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