Friday 21 October 2011

Opinion - Man-Flu

Man-flu. I suppose it was inevitable, just a matter of when. After three sodden weekends, and then hanging about at Fishnish for the ferry in the drizzle, the sniffles and sneezing set in.

Women just don’t get it. After all, they only have to put up with childbirth and PMT, they don’t really understand the debilitating misery and discomfort of man-flu. Sympathy? “So you won’t be able to drive me to my mother’s this weekend then?” As I said women don’t understand.

And then of course there’s the Cheviot this weekend (Sunday). What could be more appealing than Otterburn ranges in late October would be hard to imagine, sort of Largs without the beach. Bleakness for miles in every direction.

There’s an early end to the season too this year with the Armstrong Galloway Hills on the last weekend of October instead of the first weekend in December, then the rally car engines are switched off till the Snowman in February.

As for rumours of Rally of Scotland in February, it won’t happen. It’s too soon to get it organised, and besides, the Forestry Commission don’t allow studded tyres in British forests. And as we all know international rally drivers don’t do snow without studs.

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  1. You may like this then John... this Facebook app lets you send a hilarious personalised video to women who give you no sympathy when you're sick!!

    The video stars them, announces their name and is set to reworded lyrics of James Brown's hit "It's a Man's World".

    Take a look, it's funny!