Saturday 15 October 2011

Rally - Midnight on Mull

It’s dry and the moon’s out over them thar hills on Mull as competitors tackle the final loop of 4 stages to bring the 2011 Tunnock’s Mull Rally to a close, but there might be a wee bit of delay with final results. It would appear that the western side of the island has contracted Blackberry disease – the communications have gone down!

There’s also a bit of mist clinging to the damp hillsides, so the ever changing conditions continue to test the survivors.

It would appear that Alan Gardiner has succumbed to his earlier overheating problems as the MkI Escort has stopped in the Glen Aros/Mishnish first stage of the final loop. Peter Taylor did not hand in a time card at the Passage Control after the stage so we suspect that the Clio still has some braking issues although improvements were made for the afternoon daylight loop. Stevie Brown is out too, he’s been having a few niggles with the Subaru, including giving it a dunt on the driver's side against a pole,  and Cameron MacLean’s name is now missing from the time sheets too.

Information is sketchy and we’ll just have to wait for the competitors to emerge from ‘the dark side’ on the west coast after Gribun 3 and Loch Scridain 3 to see the final outcome. Meantime, here are the provisional positions after the first test of the night.

Interim Leaderboard after 16 of 19 stages:
1 Paul MacKinnon, 1h 53m 15s
2 James MacGillivray, 2h 00m 56s
3 Tristan Pye, 2h 01m 12s
4 Daniel Harper, 2h 01m 22s
5 Eddie O’Donnell, 2h 02.28s
7 Jonathan Mounsey, 2h 02m 57s
8 Lewis Gallagher, 2h 03m 35s
9 Doug Weir, 2h 03m 38s
10 Tugs Sherrington, 2h 03m 41s

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