Sunday 9 October 2011

Rally - Bring me Sunshine

Sunshine greeted the early risers on Day 2 of Rally of Scotland, but the sky still looks gey wattery up there. David Bogie started well this morning but on the third test of the International, he picked up a problem and dropped 3 minutes. Either it was just a puncture, and he drove out on the rim, or it is something more serious. We'll have to wait and see.

The Nationals are through the first stage of the day at Carron too, with Wayne Sisson (5m 48.0s) outpacing John McClory by 7 seconds (5m 54.9s). Alistair Inglis was third quickest (6m 03.0s) from Barry Groundwater (6m 05.0s) and Neil Colater (6m 07.1s).

Sadly Reay MacKay didn't make the re-start this morning. There's something up with the Subaru's gearbox and he doesn't want to risk it. Alastair McSkimming didn't re-start either, he was having trouble with the Metro misting up badly and couldn't see. I blame old age myself! Jim Carty is out too with fuel pressure problems in the Subaru on the first road section this morning and it looks as though Bill Davidson's Nova is going no further. It suffered gearbox problems on the first road section this morning too.

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