Thursday 13 October 2011

Road - Fancia Bugatti?

How do you fancy a Bugatti Type 52 for under six grand? Tempted? The Conran Shop in London are selling them, but there is just one wee problem, the driver will need to be less than 4 feet tall.

There is no engine but there is a full set of pedals. No clutch, brake and accelerator, this is a two-pedal job, and it’s not an automatic either.

The Bugatti pictured is actually a kid’s pedal car, but it looks just the bizz with its hand-crafted aluminum coachwork, genuine leather seats and a working steering wheel.

This latest addition to the Conran Shop’s kiddie range is a replica of the actual pedal car Ettore Bugatti made for his 5 year old son.

The cars are 196 cm in length and each one has a serial number and a certificate of authenticity, and you can have any colour you like, so long as it is either red or blue, and the price? A snip at £5,995.

Christmas isn’t too far off now, is it?

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