Monday 10 October 2011

Rally - The final lap

It's becoming more of a battle of survival out there than a test of car control and speed. National rally leader Wayne Sisson has dropped to fourth place after a 4 minute time loss in the final forest stage of the day, High Corrie 2. He hasn't reached final service yet so I'll have to wait a wee while to find out what happened.

That means John McClory leads the National Rally of Scotland with only the two short 'specials' at Scone Palace this evening to bring this most arduous of events to a close. Even with his 30 sec time penalty (see below) he leads (1h 23m 58.5s) Alistair Inglis (1h 24m 35.5s) and David Newall (1h 26m 12.8s) and Sisson now on 1h 27m 40.8s.

Nigel Feeney is fifth (1h 28m 00.3s) first time out in an N11 Subaru with Fraser Louden rounding off the top six on 1h31m 02.4s.

Barry Groundwater is out though. He slid off the road in Long Chon 2 and Neil Coalter has retired his Lancer with broken suspension. It was weakened in last night's conditions and then this morning just finished it off! Alex Pirie is out too. The score now is 3 driveshafts and one diff while Gary MacLeod is out after losing a wheel in High Corrie 2 - aptly numbered SS13!

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