Saturday 6 October 2012

Rally - Weston in Front

Dave Weston Jnr has taken over at the top of the leaderboard after 4 of today's 6 special stages on the Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally. The youngster made his bid for the top position over one of the highest forest stages in the UK, Errochty,

Mike Faulkner was late to start SS5 (if he has actually started!) so it looks as though there is trouble afoot in the Lancer camp.

Chris Collie is out after an excellent start to the day with a mechanical problem so that's another story we'll need to explore.

Quintin Milne is in second place after his earlier troubles and he's 25 seconds behind Weston in the Subaru. Barry Groundwater is fourth ahead of John McClory and David Bogie who also leads the 2WD contingent with Donnie MacDonald rounding off the top six.

Gordon Murray won't be going any further though. There was something up with the Subaru and a tree inadvertently arrested his forward progress!

More detail and times in the next Bulletin - trying to get a signal here is like looking for an ice cream van in the desert.

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