Friday 12 October 2012

Rally - Night Moves

Over the course of the weekend I’ll try and bring news and info from the rally but getting a mobile phone signal or dongle signal on Mull is like trying to bag smoke. As far as radio signals go, this is like the Dead Zone on Playstation, and given what’s going to happen out there on the dark island roads tonight – events and adventures will probably be just as scary.

Despite the many and various weather forecasts, no-one has any real idea what’s to come. Dawn didn’t break over Mull this morning, it just sort of squelched over a dismal, dreich horizon and it’s been drizzly all day so far.

Wet weather could be the great leveller of course, but pity the poor Marshals, those volunteer stalwarts who have to lean into the wind while turning their backs to the driving rain. So why do they do it? It must be the Tunnock’s goodie bags – chocolate biscuits and a woolly hat, and there’s a wee dram for when it’s all over!

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