Thursday 25 October 2012

Rally - Galloway Hills Spectator Guide

The organisers of this weekend’s Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally have posted Spectator details on their website (see link below) so if anyone is planning to attend, take note and stick to the rules. And for those who can’t work out map references, they have even printed a map!

Sad to see the entry is not great hence the last minute re-jigging of the stages, but where other teams might have cancelled in light of the limited numbers, the organisers should be congratulated.

This will be the last chance to see cars in Scottish forests (apart from the Roger Albert Clark Rally which runs through southern Scotland on Saturday / Sunday 24 / 25 November after the Yorkshire loop on Friday 23) until the new season kicks off in February 2013.

08:31 -  Start, Market Yard, Castle Douglas
09:04 - SS1, Cairn Edward 1
09:17 - SS2, Barney Water 1
10:09 - SS3, Cairn Edward 2
10:22 - SS4, Barney Water 2
10:28 – Service, Market Yard, Castle Douglas
12:13 - SS5, Cairn Edward 3
12:55 – Finish, Karcare, Castle Douglas

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