Tuesday 9 October 2012

Rally - Flying Tee-Shirts

Anyone who doesn’t understand the term ‘flying tee-shirts’ hasn’t been there, but it would appear that they will be back on this year’s Tunnock’s Mull Rally.

The venue of course for this will be the Rally Forum in the Aros Hall on Tobermory’s Main Street on Thursday evening commencing 7.00 pm - just don’t tell the Health & Safety Polis!

Organised by Mull Car Club and friends, the star guests on this year’s Forum will be Mini and MINI driver Daniel  Harper, the young hotshot Peter Taylor,  the less young and luke-warmshot  John Cressey, the owner of that  extraordinary and fast MkI, Alan Gardiner, and representing that band  of long suffering heroes, known as co-drivers, navigators, mugs or the ones ‘most likely to get the blame when things go wrong’, Andrew Roughhead.

So who would be daft or brave enough to take this lot on and act as MC for the night? Well, it won’t be Bob Milloy. He’s not available this year so that left the organisers scratching around for someone else. Apparently they dredged the nation's drinking dens and gutters (and even the waste bins in Aberdeen) to find such a personage and following a variety of threats, intimidation and blackmail, such a 'volunteer' was found.

Entry to the Forum is free and there will be a short quiz with prizes – including the infamous ‘flying tee-shirts’ and if the audience gets rowdy, other objects might be flying too.

The Forum is scheduled to finish around 8.30 pm just in time for the Tunnock’s Tea Cake eating contest in MacGochan’s at 9.00 pm.

For newcomers to the event and the island, both events are not to be missed, but who will be hosting the Forum on this night of pre-rally fun and frolics before the serious business gets underway? Any guesses?

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