Sunday 28 October 2012

Rally - Armstrong leads in Galloway

Jock Armstrong has taken an early lead in today's Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally from Dave Weston Junior. Jock was faster by 3 seconds on the first stage but Dave took 3 back on the second to leave them tied on times after two stages, but it all went wrong for Weston in Stage 3.

"I just slid off on the slippery surface," said Dave, "my own fault, I just need more time in the car, it's the same one I used on the McRae." He was running a WRC Impreza while Armstrong was in his usual Subaru: "The stages are good, but there are some straights in that last one where the lorries have packed the clay surface hard, but there is  slither of mud on the surface. The car was just sloshing about on the straights, so I'm just going as hard as I want to, not as hard as I need to."

Steve Petch retired his Lancer on the third stage: "The diff went bang on the startline - you'd think I should know better by this time." Out on the first stage was Martin Craik, the Subaru suffering a centre diff problem.
But providing a real treat for the eyeballs are the MkII Escorts of David Wilson and Matthew Robinson. The surfaces are so wet and treacherous this morning, that the RWD cars are spending more time sideways than going forward. Magic.

Provisional Leaderboard after 2 (of 5) stages:
1, Armstrong, 13m 36s
2, Weston, 13m 36s
3, Sisson, 14m 37s
4, McCulloch, 14m 38s
5, McMiken, 14m 58s
6, D Wilson, 15m 04s
7, Robinson, 15m 32s
8, F Wilson, 15m 36s
9, Petch, 15m 40s
10, McGonigle, 15m 41s

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