Sunday 28 October 2012

Rally - Still Armstrong

Jock Armstrong still leads the Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally with one stage to go with Dave Weston 28 seconds back in second place after his off on the third test.

Wayne Sisson is thoroughly enjoying himself first time out this year in his Lancer and reported: "The first stage was shitty and horrible, the second one was better, but they were both better with more grip second time through."

In  other words, the stages are standing up to the second usage very well, no doubt helped by the dreich, wet conditions, with wheelspin much more common than wheel grip!

Winner last year, Mark McCulloch is fourth having survived a wee fright yesterday when hydraulic steering fluid leaked on to the hot turbo and started a small fire. "We were just testing the car," said Mark, "so we were lucky it didn't happen on the stages today. In fact that might have been the cause of my problem on the Colin McRae Rally earlier in the month."

Arron Newby has had a bad start to his day in the Galloway Forest Park: "We had a double rear puncture in the second stage," said Arron, "I felt the car loose half way through and think a tyre must have rolled off the rim, then the other one punctured!"

It looks as though Blair McCulloch is out, the Nova spotted parked up in SS1. It has two wheels in the ditch and two on the road, so it looks as though it has beached itsef rather than damaged itself. Graeme Schoneville is off too, the Honda going off on Raider's Road following a Left/Right kink.

Provisional Leaderboard after 4 (of 5) stages:
1, Armstrong, 27m 06s
2, Weston, 27m 34s
3, Sisson, 28m 54s
4, McCulloch, 29m 00s
5, McMiken, 29m 27s
6, D Wilson, 30m 31s
7, F Wilson, 30m 38s
8, McGonigle, 30m 56s
9, Newby, 30m 57s
10, Haining, 31m 07s

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