Friday 5 October 2012

Rally - Bears in Aberfeldy

What has 8 legs and 2 bodies?
Coltness Car Club (aka, the Bears) are in residence in Aberfeldy and in good spirits ahead of tomorrow's Colin McRae Forest Stage Rally, the final round of the national Scottish Rally Championship.

The reason they are in good fettle is that whatever happens tomorrow it simply cannot be as wet as the monsoon conditions which afflicted last year's event. The rain has just started now after what can only be described as a glorious autumn day in the central Highlands. Earlier it was dry, bright and sunny but cold, and now a shower of rain, but maybe it's just washing the fresh air ahead of tomorrow.

David Bogie has just been through signing-on and looking forward to the event driving a MkII Escort for the first time on the loose: "Seamus has told me that whatever happens tomorrow, the Escort is due a re-shell over the winter - I don't know if that's a good thing or not - telling me ahead of the rally!"

Willie Stuart's team had to spring into action when the Sunbeam sprung a leak in the fuel tank. And since there is a distinct lack of garages selling Historic rally spares in this part of world the they boys had it stripped out and are trying to fix it.

On sale at Rally HQ in Breadalban Campus is a new Haymarket publication. This 'bookazine' is a cross between a book and a magazine and celebrates the life of Colin McRae who is sadly no longer with us but still exerts a fascination on rally fans right across the globe. And he was a 'Bear' once, lending not only his name to his local car club's event, but actively and financially supported it in the early days till his untimely death.

That's why there is no Number 1 on the Entry List for tomorrow's rally and as long as Coltness runs this event that slot will never be filled.

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