Tuesday 16 October 2012

Rally - Bye, Bye, Mull

Well, that’s it all over for another year. Hard to believe that it all started way back in 1969. It rained all day and all night Friday, showered on Saturday and Saturday afternoon, then dried up Saturday night introducing a bit of nip to the air. Then once the rally was over, the weather cleared up and it was fine all day Sunday, and glorious on Monday. Typical.

As for the rally itself. Until you have seen a MkII Ford Escort, geared for 140 mph getting fired down Glen Aros with the rev limiter light glowing as bright as the brake discs in the hands of Calum the Comet, you can’t imagine the skill, commitment and bravery of all 120 crews who committed themselves to this year’s event. Few can match Calum Duffy, but the entertainment is in seeing who can get close, and who will challenge the Master in years to come.

If you’ve never been, you won’t get it. So it's worth making the effort, at least once. Trouble is, there is every likelihood you'll get hooked.

This weekend, there is a Test Day at Kames on Sunday (21st) with the final event of the Scottish forest rallying season, the Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally, the following Sunday 28th at Castle Douglas. An event not be missed.

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