Saturday 30 November 2013

Rally - Mull on BBC

Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s BBC Landward programme and especially the wee bits about the rally. I thought the production company did a terrific job of capturing some of the competition flavour and event atmosphere, especially for newcomers to the ‘race’ weekend.

In fact, they’ve done such a good job I wonder of they could possibly stitch together all the clips they took and make a decent half hour programme dedicated to the rally. For sure they took enough footage and enough interviews.

Some of the out-takes might be good too. For instance, one of the ‘local worthies’ who was interviewed had to do at least four re-takes due simply to the fact that a load of yee-haaas and ‘good friends’ were hurling abuse in the background, with one even hanging out the window of a passing van to hurl a few extra mild profanities. Fortunately, the production folk took the banter in good humour. In fact I think they rather enjoyed the hurly burly of the rally circus itself.

But for me, the star of the programme, as ever, was the island itself. Didn’t it look glorious in the autumn sunshine? I wonder how they managed to airbrush the rain and storms out of it!

The programme is on iPlayer for those who missed it:

By all means, drop the BBC a line and ask for more:

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