Monday 2 December 2013

Rally - 1st event of 2014

Crikey we haven’t even put out the mince pies and carrots for our flying nocturnal visitors on the 24th yet, never mind stocked up with black bun and coal for Hogmanay, and details of the first rally of 2014 are now available. 

Border Ecosse Car Club will again run their annual automotive hootenanny at Knockhill on Saturday 4th January 2014. The Entry Fee of £225 sounds quite sensible for a fun-filled, sun-blessed (?) day out at Scotland’s motorised Butlin’s camp.

The first entry has already been received from the new true Blue Scottish Tarmack Champs, Ian and Kathryn Forgan. Entries close on 28th Dec, but remember and put the anti-freeze in! 

Speaking of Knockhill, Honda has revealed Gordon Shedden’s new race car for 2014. Yes, it’s still a  Honda, and it’s still a Civic, but the boy will be driving an estate car. Or as they prefer to call it, a Civic Tourer.

And maybe this is just me being a wee bit cheeky, but Gordon has been married to Jillian for about 8 years now. Might the switch to an estate car herald the imminent arrival of the patter of tiny racing bootees? Which begs the question, can you fit a ‘Weans’R’Us’ baby seat to a roll-cage?

I hardly think so, but such an event would mean that Knockhill could add even more events to its already jam-packed calendar – with the term ‘motorised buggies’ taking on a whole new meaning, never mind ‘skid-pan’ and who knows, they might even have to re-name the ‘Hairpin’ and call it ‘Safety pin’.

Well, that’s me barred for another season!

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