Friday 1 November 2013

Rally - Night Moves

While the stars of the world stage are thrashing about the forests of north Wales over the weekend of 15/16/17 November, the not-so starry-eyed will be circumnavigating the lanes and roads of Berwickshire overnight on Saturday 16/Sunday 17 November.

Border Ecosse Car Club will be hosting the 20th ‘Early Winter Navigational Rally’ in the Scottish Borders. This year’s event will actually comprise 3 events in one, a 70 mile 12 car rally ideally suited for beginners and newcomers, and two 200 mile events for Clubmen and National B competitors, although there will also be classes for Experts, Non-Experts and Novices.

The event will also be a counter in the Scottish Association of Car Clubs Navigational Rally Championship as well as The Inter-Association Navigational Rally Challenge. So if you want to find out all about navigational rallying in Scotland, this is an ideal event to visit.

Unlike forest rallying, the emphasis is on solving Route Instructions (ranging from easy-peasy to effen ridiculous) to find your way around the route devised by the organisers. Along the way, there are ‘Code Boards’ to note to ensure you are on the right route.

Such events teach drivers and navigators about teamwork and toleration. This is vitally important because if you can’t reason out the clues, resolve any arguments, or simply agree to disagree then there is little room inside a car to swing a punch and knock your navigator’s lights out – or vice versa. You really need to make a conscious effort to get out of the car to get physical – but this is November, and cold enough to freeze the nuts off a chocolate whirl. Better to sort things out amicably, thus ensuring that navigational rallying also provides a serious life lesson.

If you fancy a proper night-out, give it a whirl. All you can lose is yourselves. I could say I know this because I’ve been there, but I can’t – cos I was lost at the time and didn’t know where the hell I was!

So, dump the SatNav, buy an OS map and go have some fun.

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